Large Home Security 

The Nest Security System is great for large homeowners looking for an inexpensive, reliable way to protect the entire home. And it connects to the Nest Smoke Detector and Thermostat. Through one app on your smart phone, you’ll be able to control and monitor your entire home.  


The security system includes the Nest Guard which acts as the alarm, keypad, motion sensor, and system hub, the Nest Detect to protect doors, windows and individual rooms, the Nest Tag to arm and disarm the system without needing a code, and the Nest App so you can check the system status from anywhere.  

You get to choose your coming and going timing and if you forget to arm the system on your way out, you’ll get a reminder on your phone.  


Use the Nest Tag to let the system know when you’re coming or going, give one to a friend or houseguest, or download the app to their phone so they can come and go with your confidence. I even schedule mine to let in the grocery delivery and dog walker 


The Nest Detect is a very adaptable piece of the system which can sense motion and movement so stick it on a door or window to make sure it stays put. And simply disarm it in the app if you need to open or close your doors or windows yourself! It can also act as a motion-sensing guide light, casting a dull light when it senses motion in the dark. It’s a great feature in a dark hallway or bathroom for night visits.  

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The system adapts to your home size so while the starter pack comes with 2 Nest Detects, you can buy as many as you need to feel save in and out of your own home.  


And if you’re trying to keep your toddler out of the music room, like I am, I stuck a Nest Detect on the entrance so that my phone tells me if he toddles into the room. While I’d love for him to learn the piano eventually, 3 years old seems a little young to start!