Personal Security for Seniors 

Aging is a beautiful process, learning and growing and changing is what makes humanity most impressive. However, as we learn, grow, and age, our bodies change as much as our minds and as such, our personal threats change. A variety of companies offer personal safety devices designed for seniors, I’m focused more on medical alert and alarm system devices rather than personal defense systems.  

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As an elderly woman living alone, my biggest threat is a medical emergency with no way to alert my loved ones. There is no shame in self-protection at any age! That’s why I wear a Phillips Lifeline – it not only gives me the peace of mind of knowing I’ll be taken care of should I have an emergency, but it gives my children and friends the peace of mind of knowing they’ll be alerted if I need them.  


It’s a water-resistant wrist band that connects to my landline and includes fall-detection technology. So if anything happens while I’m at home, I can simply press a button to alert my family. And if I fall and am rendered unable, it will send an alert to my loved ones for me.  

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If I’m out and about, it includes GPS and location technology, fall detection, and cellular connections. It’s like having an emergency contact device on me at all times. I also synced my wristband to a medication dispenser so that I never forget my supplements.  

Because I have the 24/7 support, fall detection, and personal care plan of this tested and trusted device, I don’t have to spend my time worrying about what Id’ do in an emergency. I can go out and live my life just like I always have without being held back by age or ability!