Small Home Security

Your home is your sanctuary, it’s your safe space and lots of peace of mind comes along with feeling confident in its security. There are great home security options most suitable for rental apartments as they’re small, inconspicuous, and easy to install and remove. 

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SimpliSafe offers simple and smart home security using the wifi or cellular network you already have installed. It offers 24/7 home monitoring and police dispatch and on-the-go mobile control. It could literally be telling you about an emergency WHILE also alerting the police. It offers secret alerts in case you have roommates and can alert you by text or email of any funny business. The keypad is even protected in case some clever burglar smashes it first.  


I’m certainly not a handyman and it only took me about a half hour to install, and it began working immediately. I even took it with me when I moved and had no trouble with the transition.  


Monitoring is a bit of an expense with a $15/month fee but I got a little discount on my homeowners insurance when I installed it, so it balanced out.  

And finally, I didn’t have to have barter and negotiate with annoying salespeople, I didn’t have to sit idly in my apartment while a stranger installed the system, and their customer service is consistently great. I ran into a minor roadblock while installing the unit in my new apartment, and had someone on the phone walking me through fixing it within fifteen minutes.  


However, there is a rumor that SimpliSafe will not be updating their operating system to support Apple iOS so if you’re a faithful Apple user, it may not be the best option for your home security needs.